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Pengkalan Hulu

Bitcoin Elephant Sanctuary

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Pangkalan Hulu Bitcoin Elephant Sanctuary


Pengkalan Hulu, Perak


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Pengkalan Hulu, Perak

Nestled within the Hulu Perak District of Malaysia, the captivating site of Pengkalan Hulu thrives at the confluence of cultures, bordered by Thailand and Kedah. At the heart of this oasis lies the Eco-Conserve Resort, a harmonious blend of sustainability and luxury. Immerse yourself in thrilling adventures alongside majestic elephants, then seek serenity at our tropical clubhouse.

Explore a world of leisure with diverse retail outlets, comfortable hotel accommodations, and a lush fruit orchard garden. This symphony of cultural fusion, environmental stewardship, and modern amenities creates a haven for discerning travellers, offering an enriching tapestry of experiences in this enchanting region.

Pengkalan Hulu - Betong
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Pengkalan Hulu Bitcoin Elephant Sanctuary

Eco Friendly Staycation
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